Knowledge Shop Portal Contact

A great tool when you need to do some staff training and monitor their progress along with some constructive feedback, or you may have a business with customer service level agreements like same day courier services or holiday packages with incentives. Why don't you record the conversations and sales processes then there is no arguement when it comes down to who said what.

Full System Call Recording

With our fully managed telephone systems you can switch on and off call recording per extension on a monthly basis, which reduces the need to install expensive equipment and means you can decide which extensions need recording. When activated both Inbound and Outbound calls will be recorded and stored securely on our servers so that you can retrieve the filesonline from anywhere, when ever you require them. 

Inbound Call Recording

We can provide you an Inbound only campaign number that can be pointed to any destination to receive the call, the calls can either be recorded on to our secure servers or emailed directly to your campaign email address for your team to listen to and manage.