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Some good Reasons for having a land line to mobile number from Club Talk.

1. Customers say they prefer to call businesses that advertise a UK land line number.

2. Ditch the large bills from BT for having a fixed land line.

3. No more BT call diversion costs for routing your old landline to your mobile and we can give you 200 or 500 inclusive minutes with your rental every month.

4. You don't have to commit to long-term fixed contracts.

5. Set up as many 01 or 02 land line numbers as you want and route them all to your mobile, increasing your “local” area footprint.

6. Take calls on your new “mobile land line” number anywhere.

7. Routed to any mobile phone or existing land line number. 

8. Keep your existing mobile number and continue to use it as you did before.

9. All voice mails can be emailed to you as a .WAV file.

10. Optional extra services like announcement for your callers, which can be recorded by you or one of our professional voice over artists. Great for marketing messages or letting the caller know they have reached the right company.

11. Office based impression without the cost of bricks and mortar.

12. Have your new  mobile land line number ring multiple mobile numbers in turn or at the same time.

13. Use an option to accept/reject callers.

14. Create different voice mail messages depending on whether the call is received out of hours or you've not been able to answer the call.

Who uses our Mobile Landline Numbers?

  • If you’re a small business operating from home that has to have a separate line.
  • If your land line is always diverted to your mobile.

Whether you’re a start up or an established business we can provide you with a land line number with a  local area dialing code for anywhere in the UK for your mobile phone. International and non-geographic numbers also available.

So you can have any land line number that will ring your mobile without any delay, BT call diversion costs or line rental. Land line numbers give the impression of permanency and customers will often decide to ring you on the basis that you advertise one.

You might be missing business if you only advertise a mobile number.

Call charges just 9p a minute + VAT to UK mobiles.

How to get your new land line number on your mobile phone

Order directly from the buy now area on the right of this page


Call us on 0800 804 8044   (from mobiles on 01249 470090)

Want to know how much it really costs to call 01/02, 03, 08 “standard rate” and 09“premium” numbers? Click here for the Ofcom guide!

Mobile Landline Choices
* you can easily add a desk phone to your standard or premium package for just £2.99 per month on a 36 month rental contract, 0844 and Basic packages are NOT available on a 36 month contract.
** all handsets will require internet access to allow them to connect to our services

Local 01/02 Numbers 

These numbers are used when a local presence is required, you can have as many area code numbers as you can afford which is brilliant if you are marketing new areas to expand into. 

All of our numbers can be converted to call centers if more in depth reporting is required for campaigns, or technical support and customer service teams.

National 03 Numbers

Generally used in the same way as 01/02 numbers but the main difference being the 03 numbers are non-geographic so does not associate your business with just one region.

0844 Numbers (simple translation)

Great if you are just starting out and need to keep costs down, you very simply let us know what destination number (existing land line or mobile) you would like us to point your new business number to, we point the number and make a test call to confirm routing and off you go. Once your business is up and running keep your 0844 number and upgrade to any other plans to add a Local 01/02 or 03 number.