Stay In Control with our secure on line Gocardless Direct Debit.
    • Step 1
      • You need to set up an account with Club Talk Ltd by clicking on the 'Sign In' link on Club Talk Warehouse then click on 'Create New Account' and choose register
      • Don't forget to add your company address once registered
    • Step 2
      • Our accounts team will then set you up on our secure portal and send the following items to your account email address  

Secure login details to the client portal

Your 'UBOSS ' secure client portal will allow you to order moves and changes to your telephone system sites and users. You will also be able to access invoices, tariffs and access reports and call recording files if call recording has been activated on your account.

Go Cardless direct debit setup link 

The GoCardless account must be authorised by your accounts team by clicking on the secure link that we send direct to your given accounts email address. You will add your bank account details and create a password for your business, putting you in control of your payments to Club Talk Ltd .

 Please note we have no access to your GoCardless account and we are only authorised to collect on the invoices we have raised against your account, you will have 14 days to review your invoices before we collect any  payments due.