Mobile Landline Numbers - what are they?

Posted by Chris Benson on Thursday, May 29, 2014 Under: Mobile Landlines
Very simply they are a telephone number that point to a given mobile number destination so that a person can receive a call on their mobile even though an 01,02,03 or 08 prefixed number was dialed. 

The great thing is you can change the destination of where the call is to be answered and because the number is on a fully managed network you can add additional services to the number for example:

  • Greeting Message
  • Multiple Departments
  • Extensions
  • Voicemail Boxes
  • Business Hour Routing
  • Overflow Destinations
You can even add softphones or deskphones if required and this then opens up more services like call recording and conference calling.

Mobile landlines can be as simple or indepth as you like, you could even run call centres and have remote workers in other countries working as a unified team being able to see colleagues extensions and know if they are on a call without even ringing them via our Unity software.

No Capex - that's right you can set your whole company telephone system up without spending a penny on additional hardware or infrastructure, just use the handsets you have and rent the services you need on a monthly basis.

If you have smartphones then you can download the Call Control App and fully manage inbound call routing and even make outbound calls from your landline number using your smartphone, making the concept of BYOD a very easy deployment.

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