Call Control

Call Control enables you to manage your 'Mobile Landline' via your smartphone.

You can sync your contacts, change your availability, forward calls to other destinations or send callers straight to your voice mail, assign other destinations to ring at the same time or instead of yours and very simply set yourself up to work pretty much anywhere and on any device.

Benefits Include:

    • Easy control of most often used Mobile Landline settings.
    • Maintains your one number identity using call back / click to dial.
    • Significantly lower your roaming charges by using call back.
    • Perfect companion app to almost any BYOD strategy.

Supported services:

    • BroadWorks Anywhere
    • BroadWorks Mobility
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Call Forwarding -­‐ Always
    • Call Forwarding -­‐ No Answer
    • Call Forwarding -­‐ Not Reachable
    • Call Forwarding – Busy
    • Simultaneous Ring Personal
    • CommPilot Express
    • Basic Call Logs
    • Remote Office
    • Call Center (ACD State + join/unjoin)
    • Client Call Control*
    • Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
    • Call Transfer
    • 3-Way Call
    • Voice Messaging


Call Control has been tested and is compatible with all of ourMobile Landlines


Call Control for iPhone is available via the iTunes App Store 

Call Control for Android is available via the Android Market

Call Control for BlackBerry 10 devices and the BlackBerry Play Book are available via BlackBerry World

Call Control for Windows Phone 8 is available via the Windows Phone Store

once you have downloaded your app onto your smartphone you will need to choose Club Talk (UK) as your service provider from the app dropdown list under the 'Account' section and then enter your 'Mobile Landline' username and password - finish setup by clicking on verify

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