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All of our voice connections come with a UK based support team who are fully trained to test your service connections as you talk with them, they can also arrange engineer call outs if required.

Work Anywhere

Enabling you and your team to have a better quality of working life, don't be tied to the office. Work anywhere lets you bring the office to where ever you need to be to get things done.

Outlook and Database Integration

Easily integrate your Outlook software or Company Database into our telephone system, allows you to see who is calling and pop the contact details. You can also look up a contact and click to dial.

Disaster Recovery

What would happen now if your premises were inaccessible or your existing lines or telephone system were to give up the ghost?

Why not be pro-active and put your 'Back Up Plan' into action now, that way you can protect your business in the event of a disaster and create business continuity and your peace of mind that you won't miss any calls should the worst happen. 

Fully Managed

Our Key Account Managers and Support Engineers are always working to create you an environment that works for your business. We can fully manage all installations, moves and changes for you.

All of our connections have clear 'Service Level Agreements' and all our voice connections are mirrored onto backup servers which will switch automatically if primary connections fail.

International Numbers

Do you have clients or branches of your business that are based outside of the UK?

We can now provide you with International numbers for them to use.

Please use the 'Call Me' form to let us know what International numbers you are looking for.

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